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Appendix B

Commercial Vendors for Linux

This appendix lists all the commercial vendors that sell Linux distributions. See Appendix A for a list of FTP sites that have Linux for free. The advantage of getting Linux from a commercial vendor is that you get a lot of software bundled in one package instead of having to do it for yourself. You can also get a list of these vendors from the Linux Journal, a monthly periodical:

The Linux Distribution-HOWTO file contains up-to-date information on Linux vendors that bundle packages together for sale. This list is maintained by Matt Welsh, You can find the HOWTO file in /pub/linux/docs/HOWTO/Distribution-howto at

Debian Linux Distribution

Beta releases are available to the general public at in the directory /pub/Linux/distributions/debian.

Fintronic Linux Systems

InfoMagic Developer's Resource CD-ROM Kit

Linux from Nascent CD-ROM

Linux Quarterly CD-ROM

Linux Systems Labs

Sequoia International Motif Development Package

Takelap Systems Ltd.

Trans-Ameritech Linux Plus BSD CD-ROM

E-mail: roman@trans-m

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