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Network Security
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12.9 Summary

Network access and computer security work at cross-purposes. Attaching a computer to a network increases the security risks for that computer. Evaluate your security needs to determine what must be protected and how vigorously it must be protected. Develop a written site security policy that defines your procedures and documents the security duties and responsibilities of employees at all levels.

Network security is essentially good system security. Good user authentication, effective system monitoring, and well-trained system administrators provide the best security. Tools are available to help with these tasks. SSH, OPIE, Tripwire, COPS, SATAN, TCP Wrapper, encryption, and firewalls are all tools that can help.

Like troubleshooting, network security is an ongoing process. In the final chapter, we discuss another ongoing process - learning. Now we look at ways you can keep abreast of the most current information in network administration.

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