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Perl in a Nutshell
By Stephen Spainhour, Ellen Siever & Nathan Patwardhan
1-56592-286-7, 674 pages
First Edition, December 1998

Learning Perl
By Randal L. Schwartz & Tom Christiansen
1-56592-284-0, 302 pages
Second Edition, July 1997

Learning Perl on Win32 Systems
By Randal L. Schwartz, Erik Olson & Tom Christiansen
1-56592-324-3, 306 pages
First Edition, August 1997

Programming Perl
By Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen & Randal L. Schwartz
1-56592-149-6, 670 pages
Second Edition, September 1996

Advanced Perl Programming
By Sriram Srinivasan
1-56592-220-4, 434 pages
First Edition, August 1997

Perl Cookbook
By Tom Christiansen & Nathan Torkington
1-56592-243-3, 794 pages
First Edition, August 1998

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