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Email Connectivity
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 $mail = new Mail::Internet ([arg], [options])

Creates a new Mail::Internet object. arg is optional and may be either a file descriptor (a reference to a glob) or a reference to an array. If present, the new object is initialized with headers either from the array or read from the file descriptor. options is a list of options in the form of key/value pairs. Possible options are:


Mail::Internet should not attempt to read a mail header from arg, if it was specified. Value is a Mail::Header object.


Mail::Internet should attempt to read the body from arg, if it was specified. Value is a reference to an array that contains the lines of the message body.


Reformats the headers if true. Mail::Header option.


Specifies behavior for headers in the form "From ". Mail::Header option. Possible values are:


Ignores and discards the headers.


Calls die.


Renames headers to Mail-From.


Keeps headers as they are.


Value is default line length for folding headers. Mail::Header option.

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