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mm Macros
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13.3 Number Registers Used in mm

A dagger ([dagger]) next to a register name indicates that the register can be set only from the command line or before the mm macro definitions are read by the formatter. Any register having a single-character name can be set from the command line with the -r option.


If set to 1, omit technical memorandum headings and provide spaces appropriate for letterhead (see .AF macro).

AuOmit author information on first page (see .AU macro).
C[dagger]Flag indicating type of copy (original, draft, etc.).

Level of headings saved for table of contents (see .TC macro). Default is 2.


If set to 1 (default), list of figures and tables appear on same page as table of contents. Otherwise, they start on a new page.


If set to 1, use debug mode (mm continues even after encountering normally fatal errors). Default is 0.

DeIf set to 1, eject page after each floating display. Default is 0.
DfSet format of floating displays (see .DF macro).
DsSet space used before and after static displays.
E[dagger]Font for Subject/Date/From. 0 (bold, the default) or 1 (roman).
EcEquation counter, incremented for each .EC macro.
EjHeading level for page eject before headings. Default is 0 and no eject.
EqIf set to 1, place equation label at left margin. Default is 0.
ExExhibit counter, incremented for each .EX macro.
FgFigure counter, incremented for each .FG macro.
FsVertical spacing between footnotes.

Heading counter for level n (1 to 7), incremented by .H macro of corresponding level or by .HU macro if at level given by register Hu. Registers H2 to H7 are reset to 0 by any .H (or .HU) macro at a lower-numbered level.


Level of heading for which break occurs before output of body text. Default is 2.

HcLevel of heading for which centering occurs. Default is 0.

Type of indent after heading. Values are 0 (left-justified), 1 (indented, the default), 2 (indented except after .H, .LC, .DE).

HsLevel of heading for which space after heading occurs. Default is 2.
HtNumbering type of heading: 1 (single) or 0 (concatenated, the default).

Set level of heading at which unnumbered headings occur. Default is 2.

HyIf set to 1, enable hyphenation. Default is 0.
L[dagger]Set length of page. Default is 66v.

Flag to print list of equations after table of contents: 0 (don't print, the default) or 1 (print).

LfLike Le, but for list of figures.
LiDefault indent of lists. Default is 5.

Set spacing between items in nested lists. Default is 6 (spacing between all levels of list).

LtLike Le, but for list of tables.
LxLike Le, but for list of exhibits.

Set page numbering style:


All pages get header (the default)


Header printed as footer on page 1


No header on page 1


Section-page as footer


No header unless .PH has been invoked


Section-page and section-figure as footer

NpSet numbering style for paragraphs: 0 (unnumbered) or 1 (numbered).

Offset of page. For nroff, value is unscaled number representing character positions; default is 9 (7.5i). For troff, value is scaled; default is .5i.


Set numbering style for pages in table of contents: 0 (lowercase roman, the default) or 1 (arabic).


Set separator for figure number in captions. 0 (use period, the default); 1 (use hyphen).

PCurrent page number.
PiAmount of indent for paragraph. Default is 5 for nroff and 3 for troff.
PsAmount of spacing between paragraphs. Default is 3v.

Paragraph type. Values are 0 (left-justified, the default), 1 (indented), 2 (indented except after .H, .LC, .DE).

PvSuppress ``PRIVATE" header.
RfReference counter, incremented for each .RS.

Default point size for troff. Default is 10. Vertical spacing is \nS+2.

SiStandard indent for displays. Default is 5 for nroff and 3 for troff.

Type of nroff output device. Sets registers for specific devices.

TbTable counter, incremented for each .TB.
U[dagger]Style of nroff underlining for .H and .HU. If not set, use continuous underline; if set, don't underline punctuation and white space. Default is 0.
W[dagger]Width of page (line and title length). Default is 6i.

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