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Apple Macintosh RS-422 connector pinout

schematic diagram

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It´s possible to connect RS-232 peripheral to the RS-422 port available on Macintosh computers. Use RXD- as RXD, TXD- as TXD, Ground RXD+, Leave TXD+ unconnected, GPi as CD.

8 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE connector pin-out & layout
8 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE connector  at the computer
Pin Name Dir Description
1 HSKo --> Output Handshake
2 HSKi/CLK <-- Input Handshake or External Clock
3 TXD- --> Transmit Data (-)
4 GND --- Ground
5 RXD- <-- Receive Data (-)
6 TXD+ --> Transmit Data (+)
7 GPi <-- General Purpose Input
8 RXD+ <-- Receive Data (+)
On serial port A (modem), if the VIA1 SYNC signal is high, this input will be routed to the receive/transmit clock input of the SCC. This clock input supports high-speed synchronous devices. Pin 7 is not connected on the Macintosh Plus, LC, or IIsi.

Note: Direction is DTE (Computer) relative DCE (Modem).

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