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Handbook of computer hardware interfaces, ports, cables, adapters and mobile phones, other devices pinouts.

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Video cables & adapters
Network cables
Disc storage cables

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We are collecting information about pin assignments (pinouts) for modern and obsolete hardware :

All documents with more than 700 pinouts are free and available online. The hardware covered by our website includes modern (like PC, Apple Macintosh,...) and obsolete (like Atari, Commodore, MSX,...) computers, mobile phones and some other devices (like GPS units, PDA,...). Most of documents were created from public-available internet sources (link(s) to origin(s) included). Feel free to contact webmaster if your are thinking that any of this publications affects your author's rights.

Your are welcome adding comments, fixing errors or suggesting related links - just use this forum (don't forget to include name of document(s) affected).
In addition, you can submit your suggestions and comments about my site via guestbook.

Your can add new pinouts to this collection! Submit your information to the automatic pinout creation form and look the new webpage created from YOUR input.

Feel free to ask any questions about pinouts, connectors, wiring at the forum.

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I'm grateful to Joakim Ogren and Hardware Book team for wonderful Hardware Book project and a lot of information.

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